Advertising Photography | Times are a Changing | Cranford, NJ

Professional photographers living and working in the age of tech advances is well, somewhat challenging. Although, we always try to stay on top of technology it can be a full time job, or at least a part-time one. Should we talk about blogging? Online social networking? More hours to manage in our schedule to allot for. outside of actual shooting. Every photographer knows you need to keep shooting for yourself even when you are not logging in paid hours. Shoot, shoot and shoot. Now it’s shoot, blog, update…Times have changed.

Advertising photography is such a rewarding profession, and a learned one with trying new ways to photograph products with ease. Is there actually such a thing as product shooting with ease? Sometimes we try to steam-line our set ups, but to light them perfectly it can rarely be accomplished. Today we are trying a new tabletop photography product that may seemingly help in the flow of certain types of product photography. We’ll see if it makes things a bit more, shall we say, easier?

Test shooting for a new client! Love it.

Lets hope they do too. Advertising Photography







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