Photography in New Jersey | Product Shooting Cranford, NJ

Every month or so we generally put out an image to promote our business. With so many ‘photographers’ out there the choice is endless. Unless, you are looking for an actual professional, one whom spends their time making a living doing it. ‘It’ can be from shooting bugs to airplanes, stars in the night sky. There is so much fantastic photography out there it can literally make your head spin trying to find one for your project.

This image below is from a project that we worked on with the owner and creator of these new shears for pets. We were so impressed with the product and the owner. She was a very accomplished woman, that has lived the lives of many people as far as what they do for a living.

We meet such incredible creative people, and together we make it happen with a visual for selling their product or place. Love what we do.

OSP Photography Promo for product photos

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