Photography for Advertising Tips | Cranford, NJ

Jewelry_Watches_PhotographyOSPPhotography isn’t always easy, actually most times there is quite a bit more to it than you’d think. Take shooting this Rolex watch for instance, just plop it down and there you have it? Hmm, no not entirely that simple. For one thing, we have a reflective surface of the watch and detail would obviously be of paramount importance to the client. Shooting on a very sturdy surface is especially necessary.  Many times we’ve had to photograph a timepiece with a light-up dial and that’s when a hard, non giving floor and surface are really a good thing. Often, when we needed a long time exposure it could take up to one hour to get the dial to show up. Patience is seriously an attribute you need when photographing any kind of jewelry, so keep cool and have fun.

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