New Jersey Advertising Photography | Specialties or Not

Gerber Daisy in Bright Green BowlThere used to be a time when we as photographers had a specialty. Ours were two-fold; food and jewelry. Food in glamor situations and as product for several very large corporation’s weekly advertisements. Jewelry as well was with several jewelry companies, local to NJ. Alders, Littman, Walter Bauman, and a few other more local artisans.  We had two specialties. Then as life goes, the phone rings and we were asked if we could photograph syringes with a hand model. Well, of course we can,  and we did. Should I have said, “No, sorry.” But, if someone called (and this happens at least one a week), and asked if we could take their wedding pictures; that would be a no. That would be spreading ourselves too thin.

I believe there are just some types of photography that, no matter how you figure it, shouldn’t be included with your skill set. For instance, a wedding photographer is not as well versed as a product photographer in that arena, and vice a versa. It really is two different realms. Wedding photography is more than the gorgeous pictures, its’ being an incredible people person. Products don’t need a drink of champagne, or freshen up time, they just sit there. Oh, and they don’t get drunk. >;

Maybe, we just need to figure out what it  is that we love to do, and what we do best and stick with it.

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