Advertising Photography Scotch Plains | Fine Arts in Rahway

NJ Arts Guild Rahway, NJ   Rahway, New Jersey has an art center as well as one of the finest  galleries and teaching facilities in Union County. I love this old building that once was the Rahway Library.  A surprise delight is the incredible circular stained glass window that is a ceiling in the back portion of the building.

Diane and I have photographed Rahway’s iconic buildings, including one of Rahway’s highlights, the beautiful Hotel Indigo. We’ve met some really fantastic people who worked there over the years. But as life goes, personal keeps changing and we lose some of our acquaintances.

Street in Rahway, NJ Arts District   I feel strongly, that art is immensely important to the lives of children, to be able to view art, as well as create it. An artist is in all of us in one way or another, although not always expressed, I feel we can at least enjoy experiencing the arts. Which brings me to another iconic structure in Rahway. The Theater. Complete with it’s marquee of lights. A rather old building renovated and now is a delight to look at as well as to attend an event.

Union County Arts Center

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