The Fabric of Life | Advertising Photography in New Jersey

fabric_photo  Advertising photography of fabrics for catalog and web, yet is another type of photography we do. Whether just fabric swatches or in it’s finished forms as in polo shirts, or slacks making sure we get the details is very important. Details such as color, and texture. Bringing out the texture is as important as the correct color. Color correction by the numbers is not the easiest technique but the most accurate and it is what we use.

When color correcting using PMS swatches, is where we can get the best results for printed pieces. Diane and I took a fantastic class to learn Photoshop color correcting and it is at first hard to wrap your head around it. Then it’s like, “I get it!” We also use an Ott-Lite to visually color correct. But as you may know, it’s only as good as your display’s color profile.

It’s not for just anyone, simply because you must have an enormous amount of patience and time to manage the learning curve.

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