Professional Advertising Photography in New Jersey | Our Studio Productions

Keeping Things Interesting

Sometimes we literally turn the camera around to another set and start shooting. Of course that ‘set’ is set, that’s why we call it that. Our lighting is tested and we are ready to start shooting. Today, we’re going from custom orthotics, to cigars, to furniture to wedding jewelry. Maybe not in that order, but you get the picture.  studio shooting osp osp_photographyAs photographers around the world know, its not just shooting these digital days, it’s processing, retouching and silhouetting. At Our Studio Productions, we are first and foremost, photographers, not retouchers.  I have met retouchers that are admittedly not photographers, but are damn good retouchers. What that means is, instead of just clicking off a shot and fixing it later, we know how to get the highlights were we want them, and out where we don’t.  Diane’s philosophy is to shoot to get the image close to perfect, then retouching is just basically dust spotting, maybe a little distortion correcting here and there.  Diane photographing furniture

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