Photography of Jewelry and other Things on My Mind | Our Studio Productions NJ

Wedding_Jewelry_OSP Photography Jewelry as most photographers know is extremely difficult to photograph. I am talking here about not only the lighting, but the actual placement, the dust and reflections. Sure with digital photography one can spot the dust and clean up some reflections, but are you saving time? Not really, because by “saying oh I can just retouch that in Photoshop”, adds more time to post photography. Sometimes retouching is even more time consuming. I think it depends on your skill level in each of the fields.

What most of the worlds clients do not see nor understand is the enormous amount of post work we do have as photographers. There are no color labs,  just us the digital processors. First there is the editing, then selecting the correct color profile for the product. Then we begin the processing of our edited, color neutralized, corrected files. Now onto cropping. Crops are not always across the images the same, so each individual image needs to be viewed and cropped. Organizing the categories, numbering them in their groups. Does the client need or ask to see the images as you go? OK, stop the photography, shut off all your lights and camera sit down at your computer and process from raw files into JPEGs, and then get them ready to digitally send. Compress and upload the images to the server to send to your client. Now go back to photography…Where was I? Oh, organizing files to send to client and so later I can archive on our servers, and burn discs in case of computer or external hard drive failure. Now I can retouch. Open each and every image and look closely for any dust, or weird stuff on your image that you can now spot out. Maybe you need to add background so the images fit on a web page layout.  Double check every image for any problems they may have occurred during shooting or processing and now get them ready to send to your client,  and if they ask you to also send to their web designer or some other person. Whew!

jewelry_watch photos

Gotta love this work, and we do!!!

Below is a blog featuring our images, show-casing Homa Bridal.

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