Food Photography | Elegant Chocolate Photography

Pies and Cakes Yum   Your first question probably is did we eat the cakes? The answer is no. But   we did eat the strawberries!

This shot was not for stock photography, but rather an actual client. In our neck of the woods we have several food corporations and we have had the pleasure of working for them for 30 years or so. And yes, we started very young. These were the days when the art directors didn’t flip through stock photos, but rather the books they had for flipping the pages to look for a suitable food photographer. Sometimes the food was delivered to our photo studio, and other times I could shop for it. Which is actually  great. On the very rare occasion we could hire a food stylist. That made our lighting and setup more efficient because for instance if we had many shots to shoot in one day, the stylist is doing what they do best and we of course are doing what we do best, photography. It moves the process along quite well.

I am not putting down our food styling skills because frankly they are pretty good. This shot is one that we shot without a stylist mostly because of the budget.

OSP photography is located in Scotch Plains, NJ. We have our own studio space, so no renting a studio in NYC for high rates. Plus we own our equipment, so no rental fees. You pay for professional photography, and we truly work with you in the moment, creating great shots, professional lighting and an experienced eye. 

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