Jewelry Photography in Scotch Plains, New Jersey | OSP Photography | Our Studio Productions

Jewelry for Watches by BaratessaA long time ago in a far away place (actually that place is in Cranford, NJ, 5 miles from here) photographer, Diane Metz and I had a rather large jewelry account. Walter Bauman Jewelers. Jewelry photography way back when (which really was a long time ago-25 years) was a very time-consuming, sometimes trying experience. We loved it. I mean we really loved it.

At the time, we were still shooting film. Yes, film. If you have ever photographed jewelry in the last 10 years and shot digitally, just image for a minute shooting with film. Maybe you can not because you never shot with film to begin with, but imagine the shot, set up must be perfect. No retouching, no dust spotting, no repositioning, no nothing!!! Just the jewelry and the photographer working on the shot and trying not to even breathe at times for fear of some piece falling over. As you can imagine I’m sure, some of these jewelry set ups could take hours.

The image you see in this OSP advertising photography blog, is jewelry charms for watches. What a splendid idea. Clever and a touch whimsical too. The owner and creator of these lovely watch jewelry charms is just as nice as can be. Check her beautiful website out:




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