Photography of Glass Art | OSP Photography

As advertising photographers we get to shoot a wide variety of products for commercial use.  Subject matter: Glass. Glass with etching. Glass with etching and bevels. OMG. Glass pieces are often deep with textures and color. The catalog that this image will be in, is being printed, and so far it looks absolutely beautiful.

On a monitor these images (because the art is made of glassWave Glass with Etching) look spectacular, the back-light is just shining through, and intuitively we know it is glass. Passing light through, and behind the piece lets the viewer see the etching, and depth of the glass. Lighting these pieces of art, is one of those situations where we could go on forever adding, moving and making all other types of lighting changes. It is like painting, or drawing; when are you really finished? There comes a time when you have to put down the brush, and call it a wrap. Put down the camera and lights and accept.

Of course sometimes it is hard to stop, because we get so into it. Photography is subjective, and to each one it is different. photography of glass art engraving

Commercial photography is finding a solution to lighting a product. In like manner, a person.  Photography is not just a happenstance thing, it is more difficult than sometimes realized. Just ask Howard Stern. He has become quite the photographer, and has admitted many times that he thought It was sooooo easy, a caveman could do it. Actually, he didn’t say the caveman thing, it just sort of fit in. He now has a great respect for the photographer.

As of this moment Diane Metz, the photographer here at 1737 E 2nd Street, Scotch Plains, NJ is shooting a glamor shot for a pharmaceutical advertising agency and she has been given the product and needs to come with a solution to please the client, their client and herself. Sometimes I don’t know which is the hardest. But I digress. Lighting the product to spotlight it, dramatically enhancing the viewers impression of what is being advertised.  In my next Our Studio Productions photography blog I will show you the finished image. Unless, the image is bought out by the client, in which case I can’t show it on the blog. Time will tell.


Susan Bruno










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