Digital Delivery of Much Needed Images Via ‘We Transfer’ | OSP Photography

'We Transfer' For File Transfer    We’ve just finished up a rush job for a client and she needs it right away. Before I tell you which digital delivery service we use, let me tell you what we used to do to get that accomplished. So back in the old days, we’d shoot, rush the film to the lab, wait a minimum of 2 hours, bring it back to the photography studio, drive the transparencies personally to our client. Alternately, we’d have a delivery service there waiting to take it out of our sweaty hands and drive the images to our client. Whew. That’s when it goes right and the shot looked great. Otherwise, it’s re-shoot and the process starts all over again. Oh, joy.

But today….Love it , love it. Love digital, let me count the ways. We process, retouch if needed and to make a short story, shorter we upload to ‘We Transfer’ and wahlah,  our digital images arrive at our client. We love DIGITAL!!!

Advertising photography needs great services to help make our job easier. Maybe not easier, but at least give us piece of mind and happy clients.

Honestly Written by Susan Bruno

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