Photographers Shooting Jewelry | OSP Photography in Scotch Plains NJ

Photographing  jewelry is not as easy as it may look.

Danglers Wedding Jewelry

For professional jewelry photographers, lighting jewelry can be a complex event. With so many ways to light jewelry, and types of jewelry, from dazzling diamonds to black Tourmaline it depends on the quality of the light. We photograph jewelry using lights, mirrors, white cards, silver cards, you name it, we use it when photographing  jewelry. Sometimes we even use the ‘light box’ featured as the best way to photograph jewelry. It’s basically a white diffusion box that can be lit with lights or using natural light. As in shooting outside. But not much, we still feel the stones get a better punch shooting using flash photography.

It may take many images to finally get the perfect one, especially positioning the pieces. Ya gotta love it, or else. Patience gotta have it or forget it. Luckily Diane, Our Studio Productions photographer has gallons of patience, and passion to get it right.

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno


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