Packaging Containers Cosmetics | Photographers in NJ

cosmetic dispensor | photo  Advertising photography is sometimes shooting very clean shots/images for our clients. Clean digital product photography is essential in the presentation of your products, either for web, print or catalog. A simple example is almost always the best way to reach your focus group. But to do that. what it is  being shown must be the absolute best the first time potential buyers see it. We shoot clean, but if need be we will retouch the final image; dust spotting, color correction (by the numbers).

Cosmetic containers productHere are a few images for a client who supplies containers for the cosmetic industry. Some were shot twice, for different elements of the product. To get the reflective parts to look great, and not to effect other parts of the piece. Then we put them together to get a well balanced image.

As you may have seen a blogs ago, the cosmetic photograph of dusting power, an action shot is very interesting to see. The actual product up close.




Written Honestly by,

Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions Photography

Scotch Plains, NJ 07076



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