Commercial Product Photography in NJ | OSP Photography

Ceramic Set on Washed Wood  Professional commercial photography needs, at most times a well thought out plan. Advertising agencies have well-trained art directors and designers that make up a creative team. Usually, before they even walk in our door they have given their shoot day substantial thought. They may actually have a layout, and background colors and foregrounds picked out, and have discussed all this with us beforehand. Other times, they just wing it. Especially, if they have worked with us in the past and are aware of the props and backgrounds we have on hand.

Photographing with manufacturers is different. Often we can use our skills at styling, besides lighting to get the product to shine. I do not mean to actually shine, unless they want it to. Commercial photography ‘aka’ advertising photography is a well thought out process. Being in the photographers head would be interesting, and I know confusing, but not to them. They think in terms of light. Where it is, how much, the quality and direction. How it affects your product. Does it enhance it or not show enough detail.

It is a learning experience if it is your first time at a photography studio, the massive amount of light it can take to light a very simple piece can be amazing to a first timer, be it furniture or a medical sponge.

We love what we do, and are always using our skills to make your products look great!

Written honestly by,



Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions
1737 E. 2nd Street
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
studio 908.276.2229
mobile 908.397.2979

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