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Apparel Photography OSPWorking with professional models is usually a fast paced event. Time is money and they normally charge by the hour. There is a fine line though, because rushing a photo-shoot is never a good idea. Ideally, we are well prepared and so are the models hopefully, and we concentrate on quality and design of our space. Space can be outdoors. Shooting on location, using available light, and a fill light from our flash. Bouncing in light, using cards or panels to add in just that touch to make the clothes  look their best. All in a natural way.

Apparel product photography in our studio is a well controlled lighting situation. Even with models, the pace moves along and the energy in the room helps keep it going. In our NJ photo-studio we can also utilize the light from our large window, but we always use flash lighting as well.

Woman modeling clothesWhether its accessories, hats, shoes or shirts making the model comfortable is key. The clothes will come across as relaxed as our model is.

Our Studio Productions is all about photography. Product photography for your web site, catalog or print; we can talk, email or, and (actually) meet with you to discuss your advertising photography project.


Our images are not to be used without permission. File meta information provided.

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