Commercial Photography | Our Studio Productions | Yes, in New Jersey

Our photography studio is located in beautiful, historical Scotch Plains, NJ, as stated in the New York Times article: . A beautiful and convenient location for getting to and fore, and plenty of restaurants in our town and locations to shoot. Oh, and not to forget; parking. We always have parking around our studio, and ample room for deliveries. No worries, no stress.

Photography Studio_OSP    The costs of renting shooting space in NYC is expensive, but in some cases well worth it. Although, rental studios can be full of light and interesting walls, floors and design details, if you are trying to keep costs down a bit, it is not always the right choice to make. Photographers in NYC usually, need to rent space, and that adds to the bottom line of shooting costs. It just adds up. So, when we need a wall, we just use our studio walls to either paint or hang realistic backgrounds to help create whatever scene you have in mind.

The sun that pours through our front studio window is a great asset for shooting using available light. in addition to our studio system lights. Most of the time though, our black out curtains are in place, to shield the sun from our displays. Studio photography is alive and well in New Jersey, so instead of commuting or hiring out of our gorgeous state, look us up. 🙂

Glamour Flatware

Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions
1737 E. 2nd Street
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
studio 908.276.2229
mobile 908.397.2979

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