Jewelry Photographers in Scotch Plains, NJ | It’s in the Details

Sterling Silver Earrings by Angela George  These gorgeous earrings are the creation of Angela George Jewelers. We can attest to the high quality of all their pieces, they are extremely well designed and crafted.

Photographing jewelry is a time consuming process. Each facet needs to be illustrated by the photographer in careful, controlled lighting. We use fiber optics from time to time to catch the sparkle of diamonds or to highlight a piece’s detail. Styled placement of for instance, necklaces, is extremely important to fit the space, and the jewelry’s personality. It’s a branding thing actually. Keeping with the genre of the type of jewelry.

Whether we are photographing handmade craft pieces, or fine quality upscale jewelry the same care needs to be put into our photography.

Fine quality pieces are of course inherently more detailed and need extra attention to the nuances of each individual piece. It’s all in the lighting of course, so here at Our Studio Productions with 25 years plus, we really know light.  handmade necklace

Our Studio Productions Photography is located in Scotch Plains, NJ on an snapshot street of NYC. The studio itself is comfortable and spacious to accommodate several sets at once. Advertising photography is what we do. Photography for catalogs, web photography and print.


p. 908.276.2229


1737 E. 2ND Street

Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

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