Commercial Photographers in NJ | Scotch Plains | Leather Products & Such

CLeather jacket photographed on black mottled background.atalog photography is still going strong in addition to online catalogs. Not all online catalogs are easy to browse through, and seeing it in print is is a bonus. Our technology is thinking otherwise, and therefore an online catalog is equally important. Think of all the trees that are not being harvested as a result of online shopping! Yes, it is here and expanding for all types of shopping.

Our Studio Productions being a photography business and specializing in commercial product photography has all the bases covered (Little baseball humor there for all you fans out there). Seriously, we shoot many different types of products for online catalogs. Even though online, looking at a display/monitor the color is of utmost importance. Everyone’s computer display is color calibrated differently, or some not at all. Not to mention lighting conditions where one is viewing your online store. For this reason Diane, our photographer has been educated via, Adobe certified trainers to learn, by the numbers, color correcting. Diane works very hard at color correcting to get as technically close as possible to what your customer sees online, and what they ultimately, receive in the mail.   purple_handbag

Leather has so many qualities to work with, like texture, color and style. It absorbs light when black, so careful attention to lighting is important here. White of course, like black needs even more strategic lighting to capture the texture. Next blog I’ll post some white leather shots.



Our Studio Productions Photography

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