Estate Sale Jewelry Photographer | OSP Scotch Plains NJ

Estate jewelry Photography
Estate Jewelry Photography

Photography of jewelry is sometimes an art unto itself. Estate sale, or photography simply for insurance protection of your jewelry collection is extremely important. Whether you are planning on just getting jewelry photography for record keeping, selling or photography of your art and jewelry for inheritance reasons; is undoubtedly vitally important.

We know your pieces are often sentimental and valuable to your heart and family. If you should need our services, we offer our photography here in Scotch Plains, in our photo studio. From diamond rings to paintings, Our Studio Productions Photography can provide sharp, clear beautiful photography of your treasures, for whatever reason.

estate jewelry photography OSP



Our commercial photography business has been operating for quite a long time, first in Westfield, then Cranford and now in Scotch Plains, NJ. It is home to us, since we spend a chunk of our time here. Photographing many kinds of products, from pens (Pharmaceutical and writing types) to beds. So I would say we are pretty well versed in product photography, whatever your product may be.


The piece featured above is for sale. I will add a link to the image for contact purposes.


Our Studio Productions_Photography

Our Studio Productions

1737 e. 2nd street  .  scotch plains, nj  .  908.276.2229

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