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Advertising Photography
Lifestyle tableware photograph, featuring Asian tableware.


Lifestyle photography is one of the most creative photo shoots in the realm of lighting. These two images are shot without any ambient light, just strobes. While sometimes we do use natural light on occasion, it’s mostly as a mood setting element. Just enough to bring in a feeling. Most importantly photographing tableware is about the pieces, but for lifestyle it’s more about the mood that the tableware can bring. Something warm and sometimes sexy.

Our Scotch Plains photo studio has great window light when we need it, and light blocking curtains when we don’t. Which is 95% of the time.

Commercial photography for us is packaging, retail displays, catalog and web. We have recently finished a rather exciting packaging project for tableware and online catalog and print pieces. Next blog I’ll post a few flat art samples.


Our Studio Productions_PhotographyOur Studio Productions  .  908.276.2229  .

Written honestly by Susan Bruno

No images used without prior permission from Our Studio Productions Photography. ©

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