Medical Device Product Photography | Our Studio Productions

Large or very small medical device photography is quite interesting on so many levels. It is also a learning experience. We learn about the product, it’s use, the people that work with them, and sometimes the people whom benefit from them.

Photography of a dialysis product. OSP
Photography of medical product for advertising.

There are times when we work with consultants in the field of which the product is actually used. Certain medical devices are so unknown to the non-medical person, that one may not even know how to hold it. This is where we rely on the medical consultant. Other times the art director or account person is well enough versed on the product for us to photograph it correctly.Medical product photography, pouch


Commercial photography of anything medical when working with models looks easy for them, but imagine holding your hands in such a way for extended periods of time. Most times in awkward positions too. All in all though is some of the most rewarding photo-shoots to work on. Always a coordinated effort by all concerned.    🙂

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno  .  Our Studio Productions Photography  .  1737 E. 2nd Street, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076  .  908.276.2229


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