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The end of the week, albeit a short one. A busy one for us too. Photographing products like: Furniture, jewelry and apparel. Every day is different, every day is good. Even when we are not actually shooting, we have loads to do. Files!! Image files are huge these days. Organizing our jobs in folders, and images in individual folders for easy retrieval. Part of a job on any photography project is also the post work. If you do it yourself or hire out (Which we do not do) someone to do it. Time not many of our clients really understand as being part of the billable time.

Being a photographer is much more than being the photographer. Most of all if you have a small business like ours. The wearer of many hats. Some we wear well and others not as much.

We photograph with a Hasselblad camera and a Hasselblad digital back.  The digital back’s files are HUGE. Try 80 megabytes. Hmm, yes they can be an issue of storage and manipulation. Load up the memory for these gorgeous files. Our quality is outrageously intricate, and sometimes downright intense. Always though a good thing. Especially, when photographing , well just about everything come to think of it.


Products are all kinds of things. Like for instance mushrooms! Or, fabrics, surgical screws, ice cream, noodles… Pasta Fresh on Wood Photo by OSP

Whatever it is we are shooting we just love it. Photography is not an easy business to be in, especially now, but here we are and here we are to stay.

Thanks for reading.

Written Honestly by,

Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions

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Our Studio Productions_Photography



Rugs & Furniture Photography | OSP photography NJ

As a commercial photography studio we get asked to photograph all kinds of things. We photograph things like: Jewelry, tabletop place settings, packaging, stuffed animals, furniture blah, blah. Yes, many different kinds of ‘things’ otherwise known to us as, products. Products photographed for catalogs, websites and of course print.Ceramic Set on Washed Wood

Product photography incorporates studio pharmaceutical to on location photography of again all kinds of products. Can we specialize? Sure, but honestly, it’s a rare bird now a days. With in ‘house photography’ in so many corporations now, and advertising agencies we didn’t want to close the doors to other opportunities for us.

Once upon a time, we photographed mostly only food. Cooked and uncooked food photography, and raw ingredients, but then when we were asked to photograph tableware, it was a natural transition. Likewise, rugs to furniture. Or both for some customers in one shot. Lifestyle photography is very important especially now with online shopping. Giving the customer a sense of what your product will look like on their table at home, or on them.


Click on the link below to see a few photographs of our work of furniture, rugs and accessories.

Our Studio Productions_Photography

Written honestly by Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions  .  1737 E. 2nd Street  .  Scotch Plains, NJ  .  07076  .  908.276.2229

Food Photography | Elegant Chocolate Photography

Pies and Cakes Yum   Your first question probably is did we eat the cakes? The answer is no. But   we did eat the strawberries!

This shot was not for stock photography, but rather an actual client. In our neck of the woods we have several food corporations and we have had the pleasure of working for them for 30 years or so. And yes, we started very young. These were the days when the art directors didn’t flip through stock photos, but rather the books they had for flipping the pages to look for a suitable food photographer. Sometimes the food was delivered to our photo studio, and other times I could shop for it. Which is actually  great. On the very rare occasion we could hire a food stylist. That made our lighting and setup more efficient because for instance if we had many shots to shoot in one day, the stylist is doing what they do best and we of course are doing what we do best, photography. It moves the process along quite well.

I am not putting down our food styling skills because frankly they are pretty good. This shot is one that we shot without a stylist mostly because of the budget.

OSP photography is located in Scotch Plains, NJ. We have our own studio space, so no renting a studio in NYC for high rates. Plus we own our equipment, so no rental fees. You pay for professional photography, and we truly work with you in the moment, creating great shots, professional lighting and an experienced eye.