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The end of the week, albeit a short one. A busy one for us too. Photographing products like: Furniture, jewelry and apparel. Every day is different, every day is good. Even when we are not actually shooting, we have loads to do. Files!! Image files are huge these days. Organizing our jobs in folders, and images in individual folders for easy retrieval. Part of a job on any photography project is also the post work. If you do it yourself or hire out (Which we do not do) someone to do it. Time not many of our clients really understand as being part of the billable time.

Being a photographer is much more than being the photographer. Most of all if you have a small business like ours. The wearer of many hats. Some we wear well and others not as much.

We photograph with a Hasselblad camera and a Hasselblad digital back.  The digital back’s files are HUGE. Try 80 megabytes. Hmm, yes they can be an issue of storage and manipulation. Load up the memory for these gorgeous files. Our quality is outrageously intricate, and sometimes downright intense. Always though a good thing. Especially, when photographing , well just about everything come to think of it.


Products are all kinds of things. Like for instance mushrooms! Or, fabrics, surgical screws, ice cream, noodles… Pasta Fresh on Wood Photo by OSP

Whatever it is we are shooting we just love it. Photography is not an easy business to be in, especially now, but here we are and here we are to stay.

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Susan Bruno

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Professional Advertising Photography in New Jersey | Our Studio Productions

Keeping Things Interesting

Sometimes we literally turn the camera around to another set and start shooting. Of course that ‘set’ is set, that’s why we call it that. Our lighting is tested and we are ready to start shooting. Today, we’re going from custom orthotics, to cigars, to furniture to wedding jewelry. Maybe not in that order, but you get the picture.  studio shooting osp osp_photographyAs photographers around the world know, its not just shooting these digital days, it’s processing, retouching and silhouetting. At Our Studio Productions, we are first and foremost, photographers, not retouchers.  I have met retouchers that are admittedly not photographers, but are damn good retouchers. What that means is, instead of just clicking off a shot and fixing it later, we know how to get the highlights were we want them, and out where we don’t.  Diane’s philosophy is to shoot to get the image close to perfect, then retouching is just basically dust spotting, maybe a little distortion correcting here and there.  Diane photographing furniture

Advertising Photography in New Jersey

The Desiron furniture we photograph is like I said in the previous blog is akin to photographing sculpture, works of art. The piece below is actually a console table with the most beautiful design and tones. Here we are using it as an element in a still life. A work in progress of which we’ll post the final image soon.

Furniture side table on Pink

Furniture Photography Cranford NJ | Our Studio Productions

Hard at work photographing what I call art. Although it is furniture really, to us it is pure functional art. Hand crafted furniture by Desiron – Frank Carfaro, sold in NYC and manufactured in NJ. Our clients for well over 10 years, and still absolutely love photographing his beautiful pieces. Image

As advertising photographers in Cranford, NJ we certainly get a variety of eclectic products to photograph. That’s what is so cool about what we do, it’s a different day, every day.