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As a commercial photography studio we never know what is around the corner for us. Especially, during the summer when most companies have their employees leaving for summer vacations. Sometimes we can be a tad slow during the summer, and other times busy. We love busy.  And we love what we do. Really love it, and  I think it shows in our photography.

Photo of flatware on black slate.

My business partner, photographer Diane Metz is a perfectionist. Shooting images is an art form as many professional photographers agree. As in a painting, when do you stop? How many more strokes?  The end result of an image just feels right. Often times the image looks great, but Diane sees something just not right. So she goes and adjusts the lighting or the product we are shooting.

In general advertising agencies normally send a representative to the photo studio to oversee the photoshoot to work with the photographer to get their vision to appear. This is always a win win situation, everyone ends up happy. Though, now we tend to email our images to the art director for their comments or and approval of the product image.  Less face time, but it works.Place setting photo for advertising

Product photography as I’ve stated before comes in many forms. From the smallest suture needle to a dining table, professional photography is a must if you are presenting on Power Point or using the image in an ad. Perspective buyers need to see an image. And a good one at that. It shows the commitment to your product line, and the quality of the image they see speaks loudly. With so much competition out there, you need to stand out proudly.

Place setting/tableware photography     Here in our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio we always work with our clients to plan out, the best backgrounds, lighting and propping if required for each one of our images. Whether you are an advertising agency or a manufacturer we will help you achieve the very best look for your product.


Honestly written by: Susan Bruno of Our Studio Productions.

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Product Photos_Packaging
Health and Beauty Aids

Product photography of all kinds is what we do. And we do it well. Diane Metz / Photographer of Our Studio Productions, in Scotch Plains, NJ is a seasoned photographer. Shooting products from cosmetics, health-care, industrial to jewelry. It is attention to detail and lighting that make the difference in her images. Advertising photography has many faces, and we love to work with our clients to create their vision, whatever their product is. It is not always glamorous in the photo studio or on location, but the final outcome is the bottom line of all her shoots.

Photography in NJ, Metro Area is alive and well.

Diane Metz

1737 E. 2nd Street

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Photographers Shooting Jewelry | OSP Photography in Scotch Plains NJ

Photographing  jewelry is not as easy as it may look.

Danglers Wedding Jewelry

For professional jewelry photographers, lighting jewelry can be a complex event. With so many ways to light jewelry, and types of jewelry, from dazzling diamonds to black Tourmaline it depends on the quality of the light. We photograph jewelry using lights, mirrors, white cards, silver cards, you name it, we use it when photographing  jewelry. Sometimes we even use the ‘light box’ featured as the best way to photograph jewelry. It’s basically a white diffusion box that can be lit with lights or using natural light. As in shooting outside. But not much, we still feel the stones get a better punch shooting using flash photography.

It may take many images to finally get the perfect one, especially positioning the pieces. Ya gotta love it, or else. Patience gotta have it or forget it. Luckily Diane, Our Studio Productions photographer has gallons of patience, and passion to get it right.

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno


Photography of Glass Art | OSP Photography

As advertising photographers we get to shoot a wide variety of products for commercial use.  Subject matter: Glass. Glass with etching. Glass with etching and bevels. OMG. Glass pieces are often deep with textures and color. The catalog that this image will be in, is being printed, and so far it looks absolutely beautiful.

On a monitor these images (because the art is made of glassWave Glass with Etching) look spectacular, the back-light is just shining through, and intuitively we know it is glass. Passing light through, and behind the piece lets the viewer see the etching, and depth of the glass. Lighting these pieces of art, is one of those situations where we could go on forever adding, moving and making all other types of lighting changes. It is like painting, or drawing; when are you really finished? There comes a time when you have to put down the brush, and call it a wrap. Put down the camera and lights and accept.

Of course sometimes it is hard to stop, because we get so into it. Photography is subjective, and to each one it is different. photography of glass art engraving

Commercial photography is finding a solution to lighting a product. In like manner, a person.  Photography is not just a happenstance thing, it is more difficult than sometimes realized. Just ask Howard Stern. He has become quite the photographer, and has admitted many times that he thought It was sooooo easy, a caveman could do it. Actually, he didn’t say the caveman thing, it just sort of fit in. He now has a great respect for the photographer.

As of this moment Diane Metz, the photographer here at 1737 E 2nd Street, Scotch Plains, NJ is shooting a glamor shot for a pharmaceutical advertising agency and she has been given the product and needs to come with a solution to please the client, their client and herself. Sometimes I don’t know which is the hardest. But I digress. Lighting the product to spotlight it, dramatically enhancing the viewers impression of what is being advertised.  In my next Our Studio Productions photography blog I will show you the finished image. Unless, the image is bought out by the client, in which case I can’t show it on the blog. Time will tell.


Susan Bruno










NJ Commercial Photographer Diane Metz

Photography of Fine Furniture     Lets talk chrome. Chrome is very shiny. Chrome is reflective and is also quite beautiful. Now  lets talk photographing chrome. Not a simple task. At least not with the standards we set for   ourselves. I guess really what I mean, is that it can be time-consuming to get it just so. A few tricks here and a tweak there, and it looks fantastic. Keep in mind this is done with lighting, not retouching.