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As a commercial photography studio we get asked to photograph all kinds of things. We photograph things like: Jewelry, tabletop place settings, packaging, stuffed animals, furniture blah, blah. Yes, many different kinds of ‘things’ otherwise known to us as, products. Products photographed for catalogs, websites and of course print.Ceramic Set on Washed Wood

Product photography incorporates studio pharmaceutical to on location photography of again all kinds of products. Can we specialize? Sure, but honestly, it’s a rare bird now a days. With in ‘house photography’ in so many corporations now, and advertising agencies we didn’t want to close the doors to other opportunities for us.

Once upon a time, we photographed mostly only food. Cooked and uncooked food photography, and raw ingredients, but then when we were asked to photograph tableware, it was a natural transition. Likewise, rugs to furniture. Or both for some customers in one shot. Lifestyle photography is very important especially now with online shopping. Giving the customer a sense of what your product will look like on their table at home, or on them.


Click on the link below to see a few photographs of our work of furniture, rugs and accessories.

Our Studio Productions_Photography

Written honestly by Susan Bruno

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Photographers in New Jersey | NYC Taste | OSP Our Studio Productions

Photography Studio_OSP   Working in NJ, and being so close to NYC is one of the best benefits of living and working in our area. Yes, it can sometimes seem very crowded, and yes, it actually is jam-packed with people and cars. Commuting back and forth, most of the time seamlessly.

Our photography studio is in an ideal location; Scotch Plains, NJ. A very beautiful historical town, with lots of local restaurants, and easy access to thousands of others. Our Studio Productions moved into Scotch Plains a year and a half ago. Before that we were located in another historic town, Cranford. Our commercial photography business finds itself in a great location, serving many different clients from NJ and NYC. It’s so easy to travel to our studio, and if I do say so myself, worth it. 🙂studio shooting osp

One of our apparel clients walked in today to discuss an upcoming project and was stunned by the change in our studio. A completely different set up, and boy, do we move things around in here. Depending on what it is we are shooting, carpets, jewelry, stemware, restaurant ware, furniture, maps, ice cream…we need to move around. Sometimes, 3 to 4 sets at once. It can get crowded in here too, but it flows.

Our Studio ProductionsOur Studio Productions_Photography

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OSP Photography for Advertising / Commercial Photographers in NJ

Apparel photo_OSP_PhotographyOur Studio Productions is our business name. To those of you new to our blog we are photographers, and sisters and really enjoy what we do for a living. My sister, Diane has always been a photographic artist. Introduced to photography by our father, an event and portrait photographer. While working for our father, Diane realized that weddings weren’t her thing. No, she liked inanimate objects. Be they pieces of jewelry, tableware, furniture or industrial components, just basically anything that stands still. Otherwise, know as in the industry, as.

KEURIG copyEven apparel, and for instance the images on this blog, are considered product photography for either web or print. These are images of custom embroidered logos. Our job is to show the detail, texture and color to emphasize the high-quality of the piece. Advertising photography is many things, and stagnate it is not. Everyday we have a completely different day from the last, and we still are learning everyday as well.

This link is a web page showing many other shots of ours for a better idea of the many varied product shoots we do, just with fabrics.  Please visit this page to see a little piece of our world.

Today we are shooting styled lifestyle shots of for tableware. I’ll post those in a few weeks.

Our Studio Productions_Photography

Written by Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions

1737 E. 2nd Street  .  Scotch Plains  .  New Jersey  .  07076

Jewelry Photography in Scotch Plains NJ | Our Studio Productions

Jewelry Photography  |  OSP Professional Photography

Spiritual message necklaceI do not know  you, but if you are reading this OSP blog you must have some kind of interest in jewelry, or jewelry photography or just photography in general.

Here are a few samples of images we took for a entrepreneur. Her designs are quite beautiful, and the pieces are very well made. She opted for a professional photographer for her images to promote a dream she had. A visualization, that came to life.

One image is a Ask Believe Receive sterling silver pendant, and the other image is of that same pendant in gift box. Nice presentation.


Photography of jewelry is certainly not as easy as one might think. Just the placement of a piece can take much time. Especially, a long necklace. Sometimes the links can have a mind of their own, and want to go where they want to go. It is our job to take the time for perfect placement. Lighting. Oh, no not lighting! Yes, jewelry lighting. Silver needs to look like silver, and gold like gold. Gems need to have a brilliance and clarity to them. Special attention to these details is so important to your sales.

We photograph in our Scotch Plains, NJ commercial photography studio. This is our new location. Previously, we were in Cranford, NJ. This space we now have is very open, and easily accessible to  major roadways, and mass transit.

Thanks for reading this post of jewelry photography.


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a-ha_necklace in box

Commercial Photography NJ | The Art of Lighting

Furniture for WebWe, OSP photography have the pleasure of shooting some really amazing furniture for a company that manufacturers in NJ, and sells in NYC. The pieces are of different metals, wood and fabrics. When we get the delivery to our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio we never know what to expect. We are never disappointed by the craftsmanship, and design.

Photographing this furniture is not a 1-2-3 kind of thing. Hours go into some pieces, to get the grain of the wood, the texture of the fabric and to recognize the metal finishes. An even lighting is simply not going to work. This furniture is extremely artistic and needs to be shown that way; as a piece of art.

Photographing furniture NJTime and patience is always a component to advertising and commercial photography. To be successful you need an open mind, patience and skill at lighting a particular product, whatever it is. Beds to buttons, you need to understand light and how it falls on the surface of the product.

Written honestly by: Susan Bruno Assistant at Our Studio Productions

1737 E. 2ND Street

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NJ Commercial Photographer Diane Metz

Photography of Fine Furniture     Lets talk chrome. Chrome is very shiny. Chrome is reflective and is also quite beautiful. Now  lets talk photographing chrome. Not a simple task. At least not with the standards we set for   ourselves. I guess really what I mean, is that it can be time-consuming to get it just so. A few tricks here and a tweak there, and it looks fantastic. Keep in mind this is done with lighting, not retouching.