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For the most part industrial photography is not very glamorous, but, at the same time it can be artistic.  The way we see it is how architectural photography is so inspiring, with the sharp angles and contrast against itself or the sky, industrial products can also have that feel.


Photography of industrial products is interesting and valuable to us as photographers. A few reasons for that, the first being lighting techniques. As professional product photographers know shooting a black object against a white background is always a lighting challenge. Not just the Industrial_OSPexposure, but getting details of the product you are photographing. Not to overexpose, or you will lose detail and blow it out, or underexpose which hides details.  This is where using a light meter is invaluable. Whether is’s location photography or in our studio for catalog online/web or print, we can work together to make some pretty awesome images for your marketing projects.


So three cheers for industrial products, and the people and places they are made!


Industrial manufacturer_product photographyHonestly written by,

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Jewelry Dressed for Advertising

AAAs photographers we definitely have our favorite things to photograph, and as women we do like jewelry photography. That does not mean it is easy by any means, just nice to look at. When photographing jewelry we take a very methodical approach. Also, a thoughtful one. On occasion we are asked to come with the background ideas, and our thoughts on how to best show their jewelry product line. Usually, these days we go with a white background, and then we remove the background, otherwise know as a path. That way our clients can take it off the background in Photoshop and put it on any type of background the like, or furthermore for selling on Amazon.

Just because I said we especially like photographing jewelry doesn’t mean we don’t photograph all other types products. Like for instance: industrial, home accessories, healthcare and more.


Written honestly by Susan Bruno ~

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OSP Photography for Advertising / Commercial Photographers in NJ

Apparel photo_OSP_PhotographyOur Studio Productions is our business name. To those of you new to our blog we are photographers, and sisters and really enjoy what we do for a living. My sister, Diane has always been a photographic artist. Introduced to photography by our father, an event and portrait photographer. While working for our father, Diane realized that weddings weren’t her thing. No, she liked inanimate objects. Be they pieces of jewelry, tableware, furniture or industrial components, just basically anything that stands still. Otherwise, know as in the industry, as.

KEURIG copyEven apparel, and for instance the images on this blog, are considered product photography for either web or print. These are images of custom embroidered logos. Our job is to show the detail, texture and color to emphasize the high-quality of the piece. Advertising photography is many things, and stagnate it is not. Everyday we have a completely different day from the last, and we still are learning everyday as well.

This link is a web page showing many other shots of ours for a better idea of the many varied product shoots we do, just with fabrics.  Please visit this page to see a little piece of our world.

Today we are shooting styled lifestyle shots of for tableware. I’ll post those in a few weeks.

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Written by Susan Bruno

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