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Anyone, that knows Diane and I from Our Studio Productions Photography, knows that we love what we do. Camera in hand, focusing on a product. Over the years, OSP Photography has photographed a multitude of various products, that sometimes make it hard to remember all of them.

So, when a prospective client asks us if we photographed something in particular, I have to pause a minute to go through my mind, and remember. Hundreds, or rather thousands of files to recall. Case in point; a prospective client of ours sent us an email inquiring about photography of their rugs. Below are the test shots we did for them, including retouching one into a stock photo. Rug in Stock Photo

Flat Perspective Photo of RugLooking at these sample images would you think that it is as simple as putting the rug down, and clicking the picture? It does look like that, but…It did take a bit of thought, and time to get the lighting even, and color accurate. These images will be used for their website, which is very well put together and easy to navigate.

Product photography is not as easy as one might think. Even the simplest, supposedly easy product shot is, well not always so easy. Lighting is everything. Daylight, or window light is not always the best solution. It is definitely a great way to photograph certain pieces, but not all.

lighters higher white marek on stand, right light. double Diffusions on both sides . Diffusion high above ont right light for highlites. white card in front. F16.5 60th 120mm
Rug Photography Sample

Jewelry Photography in Scotch Plains NJ | Our Studio Productions

Jewelry Photography  |  OSP Professional Photography

Spiritual message necklaceI do not know  you, but if you are reading this OSP blog you must have some kind of interest in jewelry, or jewelry photography or just photography in general.

Here are a few samples of images we took for a entrepreneur. Her designs are quite beautiful, and the pieces are very well made. She opted for a professional photographer for her images to promote a dream she had. A visualization, that came to life.

One image is a Ask Believe Receive sterling silver pendant, and the other image is of that same pendant in gift box. Nice presentation.


Photography of jewelry is certainly not as easy as one might think. Just the placement of a piece can take much time. Especially, a long necklace. Sometimes the links can have a mind of their own, and want to go where they want to go. It is our job to take the time for perfect placement. Lighting. Oh, no not lighting! Yes, jewelry lighting. Silver needs to look like silver, and gold like gold. Gems need to have a brilliance and clarity to them. Special attention to these details is so important to your sales.

We photograph in our Scotch Plains, NJ commercial photography studio. This is our new location. Previously, we were in Cranford, NJ. This space we now have is very open, and easily accessible to  major roadways, and mass transit.

Thanks for reading this post of jewelry photography.


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a-ha_necklace in box

Commercial Photography NJ | The Art of Lighting

Furniture for WebWe, OSP photography have the pleasure of shooting some really amazing furniture for a company that manufacturers in NJ, and sells in NYC. The pieces are of different metals, wood and fabrics. When we get the delivery to our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio we never know what to expect. We are never disappointed by the craftsmanship, and design.

Photographing this furniture is not a 1-2-3 kind of thing. Hours go into some pieces, to get the grain of the wood, the texture of the fabric and to recognize the metal finishes. An even lighting is simply not going to work. This furniture is extremely artistic and needs to be shown that way; as a piece of art.

Photographing furniture NJTime and patience is always a component to advertising and commercial photography. To be successful you need an open mind, patience and skill at lighting a particular product, whatever it is. Beds to buttons, you need to understand light and how it falls on the surface of the product.

Written honestly by: Susan Bruno Assistant at Our Studio Productions

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