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OSP Jewelry Photography of The Paris BraceletThis is an image we photographed a few months ago for a relatively new company in the USA. We are very fortunate to have worked for them for several reasons, one of them being simply the beauty of the product. In product photography we can find ourselves photographing many different kinds of products in one day. On this particular day of shooting we worked exclusively on these beautiful bracelets.

Last week we ran the gamut on many products, ranging from fine custom made furniture to tablets for a pharmaceutical client. Large, tiny, glass to wood we photograph it. Even nuts and bolts! Really. Professional product photography is one of those things where, you get what you pay for. These days, EVERYONE is a photographer. Well, at least they think so. Much more thought goes into what is seemingly a ‘simple’ product shot. You just put it down, focus and shoot. Right? Not really how it works.

Many of our new clients are surprised by the set up time, and post computer time for a series of images. Much thought goes into photographing just about anything if it’s for advertising. I always ask our clients what is the end usage, because that tells us some very important information on set up, size and output just to name a few pieces of the puzzle that is to say, the specs of a project.

Glamour FlatwareOur commercial photography studio here in Scotch Plains, NJ is incredibly adaptable to several sets at a time if need be. Catalog photography in the back of the studio, jewelry in the front, and maybe even a couple pieces of furniture.


Jewelry Dressed for Advertising

AAAs photographers we definitely have our favorite things to photograph, and as women we do like jewelry photography. That does not mean it is easy by any means, just nice to look at. When photographing jewelry we take a very methodical approach. Also, a thoughtful one. On occasion we are asked to come with the background ideas, and our thoughts on how to best show their jewelry product line. Usually, these days we go with a white background, and then we remove the background, otherwise know as a path. That way our clients can take it off the background in Photoshop and put it on any type of background the like, or furthermore for selling on Amazon.

Just because I said we especially like photographing jewelry doesn’t mean we don’t photograph all other types products. Like for instance: industrial, home accessories, healthcare and more.


Written honestly by Susan Bruno ~ susan@ospdigital.com

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Jewelry Photography in Scotch Plains, New Jersey | OSP Photography | Our Studio Productions

One of the greatest things ever in our business is seeing the success of our clients. Truly, it makes us very happy, and especially if we may have helped them in reaching their goals. Entrepreneurs are very focused and determined to make something out of their idea, and getting there is not easy, so when they success

Diane and I met one such entrepreneur, and she had a fantastic idea for watch charms! Now those charms have been voted to be on QVC, and that is a huge accomplishment. Our photograph below, and many on her website:  http://baratessa-jewelry-charms.myshopify.com/

Jewelry for Watches Photography by OSP


We hope for her continued success!

Jewelry photography here in Scotch Plains, NJ, and many other items are photographed in our studio. Use for your catalogs, or web pages, find us, call us for your advertising photography needs. We are friendly, and can help you with background choices, and we also offer in-house retouching and clipping paths.



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Written by: Susan Bruno



Jewelry Photographers in Scotch Plains, NJ | It’s in the Details

Sterling Silver Earrings by Angela George  These gorgeous earrings are the creation of Angela George Jewelers. We can attest to the high quality of all their pieces, they are extremely well designed and crafted.

Photographing jewelry is a time consuming process. Each facet needs to be illustrated by the photographer in careful, controlled lighting. We use fiber optics from time to time to catch the sparkle of diamonds or to highlight a piece’s detail. Styled placement of for instance, necklaces, is extremely important to fit the space, and the jewelry’s personality. It’s a branding thing actually. Keeping with the genre of the type of jewelry.

Whether we are photographing handmade craft pieces, or fine quality upscale jewelry the same care needs to be put into our photography.

Fine quality pieces are of course inherently more detailed and need extra attention to the nuances of each individual piece. It’s all in the lighting of course, so here at Our Studio Productions with 25 years plus, we really know light.  handmade necklace

Our Studio Productions Photography is located in Scotch Plains, NJ on an snapshot street of NYC. The studio itself is comfortable and spacious to accommodate several sets at once. Advertising photography is what we do. Photography for catalogs, web photography and print.

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Photographers Shooting Jewelry | OSP Photography in Scotch Plains NJ

Photographing  jewelry is not as easy as it may look.

Danglers Wedding Jewelry

For professional jewelry photographers, lighting jewelry can be a complex event. With so many ways to light jewelry, and types of jewelry, from dazzling diamonds to black Tourmaline it depends on the quality of the light. We photograph jewelry using lights, mirrors, white cards, silver cards, you name it, we use it when photographing  jewelry. Sometimes we even use the ‘light box’ featured as the best way to photograph jewelry. It’s basically a white diffusion box that can be lit with lights or using natural light. As in shooting outside. But not much, we still feel the stones get a better punch shooting using flash photography.

It may take many images to finally get the perfect one, especially positioning the pieces. Ya gotta love it, or else. Patience gotta have it or forget it. Luckily Diane, Our Studio Productions photographer has gallons of patience, and passion to get it right.

Honestly written by,

Susan Bruno