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As a commercial photography studio we never know what is around the corner for us. Especially, during the summer when most companies have their employees leaving for summer vacations. Sometimes we can be a tad slow during the summer, and other times busy. We love busy.  And we love what we do. Really love it, and  I think it shows in our photography.

Photo of flatware on black slate.

My business partner, photographer Diane Metz is a perfectionist. Shooting images is an art form as many professional photographers agree. As in a painting, when do you stop? How many more strokes?  The end result of an image just feels right. Often times the image looks great, but Diane sees something just not right. So she goes and adjusts the lighting or the product we are shooting.

In general advertising agencies normally send a representative to the photo studio to oversee the photoshoot to work with the photographer to get their vision to appear. This is always a win win situation, everyone ends up happy. Though, now we tend to email our images to the art director for their comments or and approval of the product image.  Less face time, but it works.Place setting photo for advertising

Product photography as I’ve stated before comes in many forms. From the smallest suture needle to a dining table, professional photography is a must if you are presenting on Power Point or using the image in an ad. Perspective buyers need to see an image. And a good one at that. It shows the commitment to your product line, and the quality of the image they see speaks loudly. With so much competition out there, you need to stand out proudly.

Place setting/tableware photography     Here in our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio we always work with our clients to plan out, the best backgrounds, lighting and propping if required for each one of our images. Whether you are an advertising agency or a manufacturer we will help you achieve the very best look for your product.


Honestly written by: Susan Bruno of Our Studio Productions.

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Product Photographers in NJ

Here we are in 2016. Already a new year. Honestly, I can breathe a sigh of relief now that we’re crossed over into 2016, and left the holidays behind. Not that I don’t enjoy them, but it just gets so crazy busy.

Last year as a commercial product photographer, we were very busy and getting all our photography finished was hectic. It was the last minute things that get cha. So, next year I will start way earlier so I feel a bit freer. Oh yeah, that’s going to happen.

Product Photography of Bowls  My sister and I working in the commercial photography field for well past 25 years (That’s enough information on that subject), are so excited about all the new photo editing tools, cameras and digital backs. We just purchased a new, yes a new Hasselblad CFV 50 back. The color is amazing, the software and the support. We cannot be happier. A learning curve? Yes, but nothing like when we first jumped into digital.

Photographing products in our New Jersey based studio is fantastic because it’s always something new everyday. Meeting new clients from NJ and NYC to work with and create with. Is it the same thing? Maybe, but there is work and then there is creating. Product photography of for instance the bowls above, was a challenge. But, when I say a challenge I do not mean it in a work related way, but as a creative challenge. To balance the bowls mostly, but to arrange them in a relative way to one another and to light them to show off the pieces.  After all, it’s the product that’s the hero here.

Photography Product NJ OSP

Written honestly by,

Susan Bruno

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Photographers in New Jersey | NYC Taste | OSP Our Studio Productions

Photography Studio_OSP   Working in NJ, and being so close to NYC is one of the best benefits of living and working in our area. Yes, it can sometimes seem very crowded, and yes, it actually is jam-packed with people and cars. Commuting back and forth, most of the time seamlessly.

Our photography studio is in an ideal location; Scotch Plains, NJ. A very beautiful historical town, with lots of local restaurants, and easy access to thousands of others. Our Studio Productions moved into Scotch Plains a year and a half ago. Before that we were located in another historic town, Cranford. Our commercial photography business finds itself in a great location, serving many different clients from NJ and NYC. It’s so easy to travel to our studio, and if I do say so myself, worth it. 🙂studio shooting osp

One of our apparel clients walked in today to discuss an upcoming project and was stunned by the change in our studio. A completely different set up, and boy, do we move things around in here. Depending on what it is we are shooting, carpets, jewelry, stemware, restaurant ware, furniture, maps, ice cream…we need to move around. Sometimes, 3 to 4 sets at once. It can get crowded in here too, but it flows.

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Apparel Photography Product & Lifestyle | Our Studio Productions Photography NJ

Apparel Photography OSPWorking with professional models is usually a fast paced event. Time is money and they normally charge by the hour. There is a fine line though, because rushing a photo-shoot is never a good idea. Ideally, we are well prepared and so are the models hopefully, and we concentrate on quality and design of our space. Space can be outdoors. Shooting on location, using available light, and a fill light from our flash. Bouncing in light, using cards or panels to add in just that touch to make the clothes  look their best. All in a natural way.

Apparel product photography in our studio is a well controlled lighting situation. Even with models, the pace moves along and the energy in the room helps keep it going. In our NJ photo-studio we can also utilize the light from our large window, but we always use flash lighting as well.

Woman modeling clothesWhether its accessories, hats, shoes or shirts making the model comfortable is key. The clothes will come across as relaxed as our model is.

Our Studio Productions is all about photography. Product photography for your web site, catalog or print; we can talk, email or, and (actually) meet with you to discuss your advertising photography project.


Our images are not to be used without permission. File meta information provided.

Commercial Photography NJ | The Art of Lighting

Furniture for WebWe, OSP photography have the pleasure of shooting some really amazing furniture for a company that manufacturers in NJ, and sells in NYC. The pieces are of different metals, wood and fabrics. When we get the delivery to our Scotch Plains, NJ photography studio we never know what to expect. We are never disappointed by the craftsmanship, and design.

Photographing this furniture is not a 1-2-3 kind of thing. Hours go into some pieces, to get the grain of the wood, the texture of the fabric and to recognize the metal finishes. An even lighting is simply not going to work. This furniture is extremely artistic and needs to be shown that way; as a piece of art.

Photographing furniture NJTime and patience is always a component to advertising and commercial photography. To be successful you need an open mind, patience and skill at lighting a particular product, whatever it is. Beds to buttons, you need to understand light and how it falls on the surface of the product.

Written honestly by: Susan Bruno Assistant at Our Studio Productions

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Commercial Product Photography in NJ | OSP Photography

Ceramic Set on Washed Wood  Professional commercial photography needs, at most times a well thought out plan. Advertising agencies have well-trained art directors and designers that make up a creative team. Usually, before they even walk in our door they have given their shoot day substantial thought. They may actually have a layout, and background colors and foregrounds picked out, and have discussed all this with us beforehand. Other times, they just wing it. Especially, if they have worked with us in the past and are aware of the props and backgrounds we have on hand.

Photographing with manufacturers is different. Often we can use our skills at styling, besides lighting to get the product to shine. I do not mean to actually shine, unless they want it to. Commercial photography ‘aka’ advertising photography is a well thought out process. Being in the photographers head would be interesting, and I know confusing, but not to them. They think in terms of light. Where it is, how much, the quality and direction. How it affects your product. Does it enhance it or not show enough detail.

It is a learning experience if it is your first time at a photography studio, the massive amount of light it can take to light a very simple piece can be amazing to a first timer, be it furniture or a medical sponge.

We love what we do, and are always using our skills to make your products look great!

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Susan Bruno

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Digital Delivery of Much Needed Images Via ‘We Transfer’ | OSP Photography

'We Transfer' For File Transfer    We’ve just finished up a rush job for a client and she needs it right away. Before I tell you which digital delivery service we use, let me tell you what we used to do to get that accomplished. So back in the old days, we’d shoot, rush the film to the lab, wait a minimum of 2 hours, bring it back to the photography studio, drive the transparencies personally to our client. Alternately, we’d have a delivery service there waiting to take it out of our sweaty hands and drive the images to our client. Whew. That’s when it goes right and the shot looked great. Otherwise, it’s re-shoot and the process starts all over again. Oh, joy.

But today….Love it , love it. Love digital, let me count the ways. We process, retouch if needed and to make a short story, shorter we upload to ‘We Transfer’ and wahlah,  our digital images arrive at our client. We love DIGITAL!!!

Advertising photography needs great services to help make our job easier. Maybe not easier, but at least give us piece of mind and happy clients.

Honestly Written by Susan Bruno