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Thirty years of experience is a lot of time. When we think back on all the shoots we have produced, it boggles our minds. My sister with whom I work with, is our photographer. Our photography business has progressed over the many years and so has our knowledge. Knowledge of lighting, and learning the ever changing software programs that now in the digital age we must always acquire the skills and the hardware.

Studio_OSP_Rugs_Diane     Our newest acquisition is a Hasselblad CFV-50. Simply perfect. Of course it came with new software to learn, but as intuitive as most photography software is, the learning curve was not so painful. The Hasselblad digital back is also live, which helps us greatly when setting up shots, especially with props. Product photography can be a slow process, with the many changes to an image, in terms of lighting and propping. But, of course it depends greatly on what your product is. Live view with our new Hasselblad digital back speeds up the process by not having to click, capture or shoot as many images to get what you are looking for.

Our photography studio is located in New Jersey, near major roadways and mass transit. It’s an easy commute in and out of NYC. If you live in New Jersey and are looking for a photo studio for a product shoot, look in your backyard. Not literally, of course but seriously talent is here in New Jersey.

Honestly written by, Susan Bruno.   .

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Local Product Photographer | Scotch Plains, NJ

OSP Jewelry Photography of The Paris BraceletThis is an image we photographed a few months ago for a relatively new company in the USA. We are very fortunate to have worked for them for several reasons, one of them being simply the beauty of the product. In product photography we can find ourselves photographing many different kinds of products in one day. On this particular day of shooting we worked exclusively on these beautiful bracelets.

Last week we ran the gamut on many products, ranging from fine custom made furniture to tablets for a pharmaceutical client. Large, tiny, glass to wood we photograph it. Even nuts and bolts! Really. Professional product photography is one of those things where, you get what you pay for. These days, EVERYONE is a photographer. Well, at least they think so. Much more thought goes into what is seemingly a ‘simple’ product shot. You just put it down, focus and shoot. Right? Not really how it works.

Many of our new clients are surprised by the set up time, and post computer time for a series of images. Much thought goes into photographing just about anything if it’s for advertising. I always ask our clients what is the end usage, because that tells us some very important information on set up, size and output just to name a few pieces of the puzzle that is to say, the specs of a project.

Glamour FlatwareOur commercial photography studio here in Scotch Plains, NJ is incredibly adaptable to several sets at a time if need be. Catalog photography in the back of the studio, jewelry in the front, and maybe even a couple pieces of furniture.


Product Photographers in NJ

Here we are in 2016. Already a new year. Honestly, I can breathe a sigh of relief now that we’re crossed over into 2016, and left the holidays behind. Not that I don’t enjoy them, but it just gets so crazy busy.

Last year as a commercial product photographer, we were very busy and getting all our photography finished was hectic. It was the last minute things that get cha. So, next year I will start way earlier so I feel a bit freer. Oh yeah, that’s going to happen.

Product Photography of Bowls  My sister and I working in the commercial photography field for well past 25 years (That’s enough information on that subject), are so excited about all the new photo editing tools, cameras and digital backs. We just purchased a new, yes a new Hasselblad CFV 50 back. The color is amazing, the software and the support. We cannot be happier. A learning curve? Yes, but nothing like when we first jumped into digital.

Photographing products in our New Jersey based studio is fantastic because it’s always something new everyday. Meeting new clients from NJ and NYC to work with and create with. Is it the same thing? Maybe, but there is work and then there is creating. Product photography of for instance the bowls above, was a challenge. But, when I say a challenge I do not mean it in a work related way, but as a creative challenge. To balance the bowls mostly, but to arrange them in a relative way to one another and to light them to show off the pieces.  After all, it’s the product that’s the hero here.

Photography Product NJ OSP

Written honestly by,

Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions  .  1737 E. 2nd Street, Scotch Plains, NJ  .  908.276.2229



OSP Photography for Advertising / Commercial Photographers in NJ

Apparel photo_OSP_PhotographyOur Studio Productions is our business name. To those of you new to our blog we are photographers, and sisters and really enjoy what we do for a living. My sister, Diane has always been a photographic artist. Introduced to photography by our father, an event and portrait photographer. While working for our father, Diane realized that weddings weren’t her thing. No, she liked inanimate objects. Be they pieces of jewelry, tableware, furniture or industrial components, just basically anything that stands still. Otherwise, know as in the industry, as.

KEURIG copyEven apparel, and for instance the images on this blog, are considered product photography for either web or print. These are images of custom embroidered logos. Our job is to show the detail, texture and color to emphasize the high-quality of the piece. Advertising photography is many things, and stagnate it is not. Everyday we have a completely different day from the last, and we still are learning everyday as well.

This link is a web page showing many other shots of ours for a better idea of the many varied product shoots we do, just with fabrics.  Please visit this page to see a little piece of our world.

Today we are shooting styled lifestyle shots of for tableware. I’ll post those in a few weeks.

Our Studio Productions_Photography

Written by Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions

1737 E. 2nd Street  .  Scotch Plains  .  New Jersey  .  07076

Rugs, Carpets and Home Accessory Photography | New Jersey Photographers OSP

Anyone, that knows Diane and I from Our Studio Productions Photography, knows that we love what we do. Camera in hand, focusing on a product. Over the years, OSP Photography has photographed a multitude of various products, that sometimes make it hard to remember all of them.

So, when a prospective client asks us if we photographed something in particular, I have to pause a minute to go through my mind, and remember. Hundreds, or rather thousands of files to recall. Case in point; a prospective client of ours sent us an email inquiring about photography of their rugs. Below are the test shots we did for them, including retouching one into a stock photo. Rug in Stock Photo

Flat Perspective Photo of RugLooking at these sample images would you think that it is as simple as putting the rug down, and clicking the picture? It does look like that, but…It did take a bit of thought, and time to get the lighting even, and color accurate. These images will be used for their website, which is very well put together and easy to navigate.

Product photography is not as easy as one might think. Even the simplest, supposedly easy product shot is, well not always so easy. Lighting is everything. Daylight, or window light is not always the best solution. It is definitely a great way to photograph certain pieces, but not all.

lighters higher white marek on stand, right light. double Diffusions on both sides . Diffusion high above ont right light for highlites. white card in front. F16.5 60th 120mm
Rug Photography Sample

Product Photography in New Jersey | Photographers in Scotch Plains Studio

Product Photos_Packaging
Health and Beauty Aids

Product photography of all kinds is what we do. And we do it well. Diane Metz / Photographer of Our Studio Productions, in Scotch Plains, NJ is a seasoned photographer. Shooting products from cosmetics, health-care, industrial to jewelry. It is attention to detail and lighting that make the difference in her images. Advertising photography has many faces, and we love to work with our clients to create their vision, whatever their product is. It is not always glamorous in the photo studio or on location, but the final outcome is the bottom line of all her shoots.

Photography in NJ, Metro Area is alive and well.

Diane Metz

1737 E. 2nd Street

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Food Photography | Elegant Chocolate Photography

Pies and Cakes Yum   Your first question probably is did we eat the cakes? The answer is no. But   we did eat the strawberries!

This shot was not for stock photography, but rather an actual client. In our neck of the woods we have several food corporations and we have had the pleasure of working for them for 30 years or so. And yes, we started very young. These were the days when the art directors didn’t flip through stock photos, but rather the books they had for flipping the pages to look for a suitable food photographer. Sometimes the food was delivered to our photo studio, and other times I could shop for it. Which is actually  great. On the very rare occasion we could hire a food stylist. That made our lighting and setup more efficient because for instance if we had many shots to shoot in one day, the stylist is doing what they do best and we of course are doing what we do best, photography. It moves the process along quite well.

I am not putting down our food styling skills because frankly they are pretty good. This shot is one that we shot without a stylist mostly because of the budget.

OSP photography is located in Scotch Plains, NJ. We have our own studio space, so no renting a studio in NYC for high rates. Plus we own our equipment, so no rental fees. You pay for professional photography, and we truly work with you in the moment, creating great shots, professional lighting and an experienced eye.