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Thirty years of experience is a lot of time. When we think back on all the shoots we have produced, it boggles our minds. My sister with whom I work with, is our photographer. Our photography business has progressed over the many years and so has our knowledge. Knowledge of lighting, and learning the ever changing software programs that now in the digital age we must always acquire the skills and the hardware.

Studio_OSP_Rugs_Diane     Our newest acquisition is a Hasselblad CFV-50. Simply perfect. Of course it came with new software to learn, but as intuitive as most photography software is, the learning curve was not so painful. The Hasselblad digital back is also live, which helps us greatly when setting up shots, especially with props. Product photography can be a slow process, with the many changes to an image, in terms of lighting and propping. But, of course it depends greatly on what your product is. Live view with our new Hasselblad digital back speeds up the process by not having to click, capture or shoot as many images to get what you are looking for.

Our photography studio is located in New Jersey, near major roadways and mass transit. It’s an easy commute in and out of NYC. If you live in New Jersey and are looking for a photo studio for a product shoot, look in your backyard. Not literally, of course but seriously talent is here in New Jersey.

Honestly written by, Susan Bruno.   .

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Rugs & Furniture Photography | OSP photography NJ

As a commercial photography studio we get asked to photograph all kinds of things. We photograph things like: Jewelry, tabletop place settings, packaging, stuffed animals, furniture blah, blah. Yes, many different kinds of ‘things’ otherwise known to us as, products. Products photographed for catalogs, websites and of course print.Ceramic Set on Washed Wood

Product photography incorporates studio pharmaceutical to on location photography of again all kinds of products. Can we specialize? Sure, but honestly, it’s a rare bird now a days. With in ‘house photography’ in so many corporations now, and advertising agencies we didn’t want to close the doors to other opportunities for us.

Once upon a time, we photographed mostly only food. Cooked and uncooked food photography, and raw ingredients, but then when we were asked to photograph tableware, it was a natural transition. Likewise, rugs to furniture. Or both for some customers in one shot. Lifestyle photography is very important especially now with online shopping. Giving the customer a sense of what your product will look like on their table at home, or on them.


Click on the link below to see a few photographs of our work of furniture, rugs and accessories.

Our Studio Productions_Photography

Written honestly by Susan Bruno

Our Studio Productions  .  1737 E. 2nd Street  .  Scotch Plains, NJ  .  07076  .  908.276.2229

Commercial Photographers in NJ | Scotch Plains | Leather Products & Such

CLeather jacket photographed on black mottled background.atalog photography is still going strong in addition to online catalogs. Not all online catalogs are easy to browse through, and seeing it in print is is a bonus. Our technology is thinking otherwise, and therefore an online catalog is equally important. Think of all the trees that are not being harvested as a result of online shopping! Yes, it is here and expanding for all types of shopping.

Our Studio Productions being a photography business and specializing in commercial product photography has all the bases covered (Little baseball humor there for all you fans out there). Seriously, we shoot many different types of products for online catalogs. Even though online, looking at a display/monitor the color is of utmost importance. Everyone’s computer display is color calibrated differently, or some not at all. Not to mention lighting conditions where one is viewing your online store. For this reason Diane, our photographer has been educated via, Adobe certified trainers to learn, by the numbers, color correcting. Diane works very hard at color correcting to get as technically close as possible to what your customer sees online, and what they ultimately, receive in the mail.   purple_handbag

Leather has so many qualities to work with, like texture, color and style. It absorbs light when black, so careful attention to lighting is important here. White of course, like black needs even more strategic lighting to capture the texture. Next blog I’ll post some white leather shots.



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Commercial Photography | Our Studio Productions | Yes, in New Jersey

Our photography studio is located in beautiful, historical Scotch Plains, NJ, as stated in the New York Times article: . A beautiful and convenient location for getting to and fore, and plenty of restaurants in our town and locations to shoot. Oh, and not to forget; parking. We always have parking around our studio, and ample room for deliveries. No worries, no stress.

Photography Studio_OSP    The costs of renting shooting space in NYC is expensive, but in some cases well worth it. Although, rental studios can be full of light and interesting walls, floors and design details, if you are trying to keep costs down a bit, it is not always the right choice to make. Photographers in NYC usually, need to rent space, and that adds to the bottom line of shooting costs. It just adds up. So, when we need a wall, we just use our studio walls to either paint or hang realistic backgrounds to help create whatever scene you have in mind.

The sun that pours through our front studio window is a great asset for shooting using available light. in addition to our studio system lights. Most of the time though, our black out curtains are in place, to shield the sun from our displays. Studio photography is alive and well in New Jersey, so instead of commuting or hiring out of our gorgeous state, look us up. 🙂

Glamour Flatware

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Product Photography in New Jersey | Photographers in Scotch Plains Studio

Product Photos_Packaging
Health and Beauty Aids

Product photography of all kinds is what we do. And we do it well. Diane Metz / Photographer of Our Studio Productions, in Scotch Plains, NJ is a seasoned photographer. Shooting products from cosmetics, health-care, industrial to jewelry. It is attention to detail and lighting that make the difference in her images. Advertising photography has many faces, and we love to work with our clients to create their vision, whatever their product is. It is not always glamorous in the photo studio or on location, but the final outcome is the bottom line of all her shoots.

Photography in NJ, Metro Area is alive and well.

Diane Metz

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Professional Advertising Photography in New Jersey | Our Studio Productions

Keeping Things Interesting

Sometimes we literally turn the camera around to another set and start shooting. Of course that ‘set’ is set, that’s why we call it that. Our lighting is tested and we are ready to start shooting. Today, we’re going from custom orthotics, to cigars, to furniture to wedding jewelry. Maybe not in that order, but you get the picture.  studio shooting osp osp_photographyAs photographers around the world know, its not just shooting these digital days, it’s processing, retouching and silhouetting. At Our Studio Productions, we are first and foremost, photographers, not retouchers.  I have met retouchers that are admittedly not photographers, but are damn good retouchers. What that means is, instead of just clicking off a shot and fixing it later, we know how to get the highlights were we want them, and out where we don’t.  Diane’s philosophy is to shoot to get the image close to perfect, then retouching is just basically dust spotting, maybe a little distortion correcting here and there.  Diane photographing furniture